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Fox Blocks produces insulated concrete forms (ICF) designed with steel reinforcements and double insulation for high performance applications. Their ICF walls are among the strongest assemblies available. They stand up to extreme weather, comply with building codes, and save construction time and costs with easy interlock construction.


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Fox Blocks


Project Details:

The Challenge

Our analysis showed underperformance in their addressable market for cornerstone ICF keywords where they were outranked by competitors. While site traffic consistently averaged 9,500 visitors monthly, we believed we could increase Fox Blocks’ inbound traffic with long-term consistency by implementing SEO content strategy.

The Execution

We developed a content strategy to create a solid foundation of evergreen content. This established Fox Blocks as an industry expert, not just a manufacturer, with vendors and buyers in the industry. Authoritative and comprehensive articles generated consistent, long-lasting site traffic that not only captured new traffic but also lured visitors from competitor websites.

The Results

Organic traffic increased by 411% to over 51,500 monthly recurring visitors on the Fox Blocks website. The uptick reflected consistent, qualified traffic actively searching for their products and shifting away from competitors.

Content ranking first in Google search results for the most competitive ICF and house framing keywords provided Fox Blocks a competitive advantage. Top performing articles have appeared first in relevant searches for over 2 years, bringing in over 5k visitors each per month.

Leads and conversions increased proportionate to traffic numbers, and with an average CPC of $2.50 in Google Ads, the additional 42k visitors are valued at a savings of $105,000 in monthly advertising budget. These factors directly impacted Fox Blocks’ bottom line with opportunities for both increased revenue and decreased marketing expenditure.



Meticulous keyword research blended with advanced On-Page SEO Optimizations.
Organic Search Traffic Increase of 411% ↑

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